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Inperspective Records

Inperspective Records, founded in 1997 has become one of the best loved and most respected…
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Repertoire is an independent jungle / drum and bass record label
Founded by The Law in 2009, Repertoire’s aim was to release quality Jungle, Drum & Bass and give new artists a platform to release their music.
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Skeleton Recordings

Established in 1992, 2017 being the labels 25th year!!
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Cause 4 Concern (C4C) is a drum and bass recording and production group based in Guildford, Surrey, England. The group consists of Ed Holmes (Optiv), Mark Clements (Mark C4C), Stuart Perkins (Stu C4C), and Tobie Burrows.
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Critycal Dub

Critycal Dub began in 2006 with the intention of producing different styles of Drum n Bass.
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Darren White, better known as dBridge, is an English record producer whose career has stretched from the early days of the genre’s conception back in the early 1990s
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DJ Randall

Ask Andy C or Friction who their most influential DJ was back when they first got into drum & bass…
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DJ Bizzy B


Dr S Gachet

Synonymous with the UKs jungle music scene throughout the 1990s, right through to the present day Dr S Gachet is one of the most versatile DJ’s you will ever witness.

Evil Intent

Evol Intent is a hardstep drum and bass group formed in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. in 2000. The group is composed of The Enemy (Ashley Jones), Knick (Nick Weiller), and Gigantor (Mike Diasio).


Goldie became well known for his pioneering role in the 1990s UK rave scene as a producer, including his work in musical styles such as jungle and breakbeat hardcore.
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London Elektricy

Tony Colman, better known by his stage name London Elektricity, is a drum and bass producer and DJ and the co-founder and CEO of Hospital Records.
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Ruff Guidance

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The Rupture movement began as a way to showcase the jungle and breaks side of the drum and bass spectrum. Known for pushing experimental, cutting edge production along side classic jungle amens, the key to the Rupture sound is having roots planted deeply in the underground.
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Suburban Base Records

Suburban Base Records is one of the biggest British breakbeat hardcore, rave and jungle/drum and bass record labels. It is based in Romford, Havering, UK. It was established by Dan Donnelly and operated in the UK from 1989 to 1997 and in the United States from 1994 to 1997.

Tech Itch Recordings

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The DJs Bible

The DJ’s Bible is for all DJ’s/Music Lovers to share their setups, mixes and videos. Please PM us if you wish your mixes etc shared on our page.
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Virus Recordings

The label that started neuro-funk. This is the baddest, darkest music that pushes the boundaries of d&b when other labels are to scared to go. Virus has released genre defining music since 1998 and has an artist list of the best producers ever to grace the bass music scene.
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