Soldiers of The Order

DS Altercate

Formally known as DJ Alibi of London’s Rude FM
Altercate has been DJ’ing in and around the city for the past 15 years.
Focusing mostly on the darker, rolling side of DnB.

Altercate, to dispute or argue noisily and publicly

DS Cyd3r

I grew up on the Oxfordshire/Northamptonshire border and got into electronic music in the late 80’s. I started using pro-tracker on the Amiga to produce and used a mates pair of crappy old belt drives to learn to mix on. Rave music was my first passion in the early 90’s going to free parties in fields and listneing to pirate radio station Dark FM. I moved to London in ’99 and stopped DJ’ing and producing for about 6 years. I then came across Dubstep and loved the vibe. My creative juices starting flowing and I started mixing and producing again.

DS Dark Angel

Founder and heart of The Dominion Order

DS Decend

A true Jungle veteran.
Music is a passion of his, and he has been heavily into the music scene since 1990 (warehouse days).
Started honing his skills on the turntables around 1992.
After organising and promoting his own raves back in the day and multiple sets on pirate stations he took a few years out, but is now back on the frontline and representing The Dominion Order.
Let the battle begin

DS Diablo

More info to follow…

DS Diazide

Hertford based Drum & Bass DJ / Producer…played on various pirate stations in and around London and holds a real passion for breakbeats & a dirty bassline.
After falling in love with jungle in his early teens, soon realised everything he wanted in life comes out of a speaker. 16 years later and after a few breaks from the turntables, Diazide is back on Dominion. Bringing the hard Amen side of jungle / DnB and currently developing his skills within music production and sound engineering.

DS Doc Error

Hertfordshire based Jungle / DnB DJ with a dark style of heavy beats, fast mixing and plenty of energy.
A regular in the local DnB circuit, and always strong with a crowd to perform to.
Started the Sober Session crew in 2013 before joining Dominion Order in 2016.

DS Dopamine

Dopamine was christened by Dark Angel and Mat Reflex when he joined the order.
Plays Breaks, Rhythm, Melodies, Chords, Discords, Dissonance, Distortion, Harmonic Distortion, Harmonies, Solo’s, Bass, Treble, Mid-range, On the beat, Off beat, White noise and Microtones.

DS Mat Reflex

First got into Hardcore in ’92 when a friend at school played tapes that he’d nicked off his older brother. Defection, Pulse, Don, Dream and especially Rush and Kool FM (in no chronological order) were the stations that got him completely fixated on the music. Pirate stations and everything underground!!
Mixing came soon after, earliest memories are of using one Technics belt drive hi-fi deck with a Realistic mixer, to try and mix and record over the top of a cassette.
Then met the Twelves. Many years have passed since then, but those are the bare bones of where he came from. Since then he has done many things, but none of them are important now.
Now, he marches with The Dominion Order.

DS Myrmidon

Arisen from the deepest darkest abyss the DS Myrmidon

DS Tricky Fingers

3rd wave soldier. Hailing from Gloucestershire. Strictly vinyl DJ.
Fell in love with Drum & Bass in his early teens, his first decks were a pair of old belt-drives, the struggle was real.
Played at local raves and parties before joining Dominion, and hasn’t looked back since.

DS Unethical

More info to follow…